(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: For the Corvallis Show: We are non members and would like to rent a spot or two.   We’ve never been to your swap meet before, so I have a few questions.What is the average public attendance for the swap meet?  And spaces rented? Can we have our van and trailer in our rented spots?  And could we camp there the night before?

A: We have usually had between 600 and 700 attendees at the show.  There have been as many as 50 vendors at our recent shows.  The configuration of the area allows for vehicles to reach all of the vendor spaces, but it’s easier to park a van and trailer combination in some of the spaces than others.  Spaces are taken on a first-come-first-served basis, starting about 7 to 7:30am (we try to be as informal as possible, but some vendors seem to need more guidance than others).  You can’t camp in the show area or vendor spaces, but Benton County Fairgrounds rents RV camping spaces elsewhere on the grounds.  You need to reserve those spaces through the Benton County Fairgrounds website.

Q: How do I reach the OVM club officers?

A: The officers can be reached via e-mail at: info@oregonvintage.org


Q: Who are the OVM officers?

A: A list of the officers and volunteers can be found in the club newsletters. 


Q: Where do I find the club newsletters?

A: If you are setup in the OVM email group user list, the periodic OVM newsletters will be sent to you automatically via the group email list. If you are a club member and also requested a hard-copy of the newsletter, a physical copy of the newsletter will be sent to your mailing address.  The hard copy usually takes a little while longer than the color online newsletter, due to the logistics of printing and mailing.  If you have not received recent newsletters, please let the OVM officers know at the email address above. 


Q: What happened to the OVM forum?

A: The old Yahoo forum and email system was shut down by Yahoo. The most recent OVM email group initially was also setup as a forum but is now only for OVM-related announcements and updates. However, a new OVM-related forum is currently being setup (as of Aug 17, 2021). Please stay tuned for an announcement or contact the OVM officers for an update at the email above. 


Q: I have an idea, a concern about the OVM or would like to volunteer to help.  Who should I contact?

A: Please reach out to the OVM officers: info@oregonvintage.org


Q: When does the OVM meet?

A: The OVM meets monthly in Portland and Eugene, Oregon. Please check out the Events page on this website for details. 


Q: How do I get added to the group email list, for club announcements?

A: Please use the “contact” section on this website above or alternatively, send an email directly to the club officers at: info@oregonvintage.org


Q: How do unsubscribe from the the email list?

A: There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails. Alternatively, send an email to the club officers at: info@oregonvintage.org. Please note that if you unsubscribe from the email list, you will no longer receive club announcements. However, you can always check back with the website for event updates. 


Q: I have some parts I would like to sell.

A: OVM members can place free “wanted” or “for sale” ads in the club newsletter. Ad info should be sent to the newsletter editor Rick Campbell – newsletter@oregonvintage.org


Q: I bought an old motorcycle at a garage sale. Can you tell me what it is ?

A: A photograph enables a best guess. Engine and frame numbers may help. Bring the photograph and information to an OVM meeting.


Q: I have a 1956 Matchless G6 that I got from my father-in-law, can you tell me how much it is worth ?

A: Sorry, but we are not qualified to provide appraisals, sight unseen or otherwise. However, please come along to a club meeting and ask the members who might be able to help. 


Q: I’m looking for a chain-guard for my 1962 Sportster, do you have any for sale ?

A: OVM does not sell parts. As a club member, you can advertise in our newsletter. Join OVM.


Q: How much will it cost me to restore my [make/model] motorcycle ?

A: Our Newsletter Editor has tracked some costs for a few restoration tasks. These are posted on his web page. To help you answer the question yourself, we have some information resources here on our web site, and we can sometimes direct you to other locations on the web that have more information. Note that the total cost of restoration, including the original value of the bike, will probably be more than your bike will be worth when it’s done.

Here are some tips to collecting answers to questions about your motorcycle:

Check the Links, and Other Clubs sections of our web site for clubs specialising in the motorcycle you’re interested in. Write or email your question to them, they will probably have more knowledge about your specific bike than we would. We also list links to many of the better known vintage motorcycle and parts dealers. You might also want to check out some of the M/C index pages that are listed, such as Ronnie Cramer’s M/C Index.

Classic Bike at Barnes and Noble, or Border’s Books, or any other bookstore or newsstand that carries a good selection of magazines. This publication runs classified ads that will give you a good idea of price and availability of almost any old bike you can imagine. They also run commercial ads for all the important vendors of parts and services for old bikes worldwide. Another good source for pricing information, or purchases is Walneck’s Classic Cycle Trader, usually available at quick-stop markets like 7-11, or Circle-K stores.

The above doesn’t look like much, but with a little perseverance, you can get all the information you need on your own, and you’ll have the confidence that you can solve any future problems with the same kind of research.


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