OVM 43rd Annual Ride & Show

43rd Annual OVM Ride & Show

May 20-21 2023 at Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis, Oregon

RIDE: The ride leaves the Benton County Fairgrounds at noon on Saturday.
SHOW & SWAP: The hours for the show and swap meet on Sunday are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The event is finished.


May 20 - 21 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Benton County Fairgrounds
Corvallis, Oregon

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  1. Do you have to be in the OVM club to enter a bike in this event?l, or how would we go about entering?

  2. Hi Guys,

    What are the camping rules at the fairgrounds this year? The recent newsletter stated that it may be restricted to the 10 or so spots on the north side of the property. If so, this is insufficient and should be added to the ever growing list of reasons to relocate our annual show to a more accommodating venue.

    Cheers and looking forward to seeing everyone in May.

    -Jake Benz

    1. CAMPING at Benton County Event Center
      Benton County has eliminated tent camping on the lawn and under the oak trees
      in the camping area of the fairgrounds. RV camping is unchanged from previous
      years and tent camping is allowed in the B Loop RV spaces. The only tent camping at
      the Benton County fairgrounds during the show this year will be if you pay $35 per
      night to rent one of the 11 “B Loop” RV spaces along the north edge of the RV park
      area (one vehicle, one tent, and four people maximum per space).
      See: https://www.bceventcentercorvallis.net/p/getinvolved.

      Jay and Janet Bennett have space for about 10 tents and a couple of RVs on their
      nearby farm. The location is 5 miles north of the fairground. Lawn is provided for
      the tents and asphalt for the RVs. There will be a portapotty and water spigot. At
      night there will be a gas fire pit so bring your chairs. Cost is $10 per night per camp
      unit (1 tent or 1 RV). Deadline for signing up is 5/15/23. If you are interested,
      contact Jay at jabennett.2012@gmail.com or 541-760-0675. You must be an OVM
      member or be accompanied by a member to participate

  3. I attended with a friend a couple of years ago (and got a hat!) and am now planning on joining OVM. I have a 1974 RD 250 I want to register and and maybe interested in having a couple of Honda 160/175 that I used to roadrace in OMRRA & WMRRA in the swap meet. But I dont see where to register. Can you provide some help?


    1. The Main Lawn of the fairgrounds opens for swap meet vendors to set up around the
      perimeter as soon as OVM personnel are present to organize the event, usually about
      7:00 am. Vendors are charged $20.00 for a space, free for OVM members.
      Registration and move-in of motorcycles for the show on the Main Lawn will
      start about 8:00 am. Members may register and display vintage motorcycles – this
      year meaning bikes manufactured in 2002 or earlier. Placement on the lawn is
      grouped by category: Featured Marque (BMW this year), American, Asian, British,
      European, Café, and Racing. Judging is by People’s Choice for three trophies in each
      category with an additional President’s Choice trophy. People’s Choice ballots are
      available at the registration table and are d

    2. My experience is you can register the morning of once you arrive at the fairgrounds. There will be tables set up to do this.

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